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Can anyone guide me please?

Can anyone guide me please?

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  • omexoweff 11-01-17 | 02:47 PM
  • Well, dear! I've had this surrogacy experience once when I had my son through it. Well, from my experience I can tell you is that it takes nearly a period of 3 months to find a perfect surrogate mother. So, it can match your conditions and medical profile. Well, I had surrogacy from a clinic in Ukraine. It was all easy and comfortable for us. I and my DH lived for a month there. They just took our medical reports to get us the right donor for us. Yes! From which clinic I had my surrogacy. They had this option of providing egg donor. They were really cooperating with all the services and surrogacy solution for us. I think you should also search for that clinic. If Ukraine is within your reach...We live in Canada and we went there for it and it really worked great for us.
  • ylligacodd 11-01-17 | 02:58 PM
  • Well! dear! I've one experience of surrogacy last year. When I was in Ukraine for it. Here in the USA. It wasn't easy for us to afford! So, we were referred by a colleague of my husband to go kiev for it. It's was really nice time and decision for us. We also took an off from work and enjoyed Europe while signing up for this clinic in Ukraine. Well, now coming back to your answer it took 2 to 3 months to find a comfortable surrogate mother for us; they give us a number of choices and we chose ourselves from them. They took some of our medical reports and test to find out what's matchable for us. Secondly, yes! They also provide for donor options there. It depends on all your cases; what they offer.
  • gesyrita 11-01-17 | 03:06 PM
  • Oh, June! You are worrying too much about the process. First of all, stop taking all this stress about how the things will go on. Everything will be arranged baby the clinic for you. Okay? You just need to be calm and visit the clinic so that they can start the process as soon as possible. I am here to guide you with your problems and I will try my best to satisfy you with my answers. The surrogate mother is selected by the clinic that will carry your child. It takes about 3 months to find a surrogate mother for you. They have to match the documents and tests so that they can have a suitable surrogate mother. The clinic will call you when the surrogate mother is found. Let me tell you that your role will be only to pay visits to the clinic. The rest will be the clinic’s responsibility. The clinic provides you with different options for donating eggs or to find an egg donor for the process. It is well and good if you donate your eggs if not then the clinic will arrange the donor for you and you need to do nothing. Just be patient and calm. I hope I have clearly answered to all your questions. I am here to help anytime. Tell me if you want some other information about the clinic. You can also visit the website of that clinic to be more assured of these things. Take care.
  • lufijamippe 11-01-17 | 03:16 PM
  • Hi dear. It’s good to see that you have shown courage to make a final call to get out of your problems. Surrogacy has been the finest procedure to become a mother from the last few years. I joined this forum to ask for a suggestion from people like you and I ended up helping people with different situations. I feel very upset that you cannot get pregnant but the positive thing is that now you will be a mother through surrogacy. I can see there are a lot of questions in your mind related to the clinic that you are considering for the process. It’s your right to know about all the details before you apply for an appointment. After you are done with your appointment the clinic will give you time for 2 to 3 months to wait until they find a surrogate mother for you. They will find the surrogate mother according to the requirements and they will match your tests and documents to find a proper surrogate mother for you. It depends on you if you want to donate the eggs or not. If yes then it is good and if you are not able to donate eggs in any case then the clinic will find a donor for you. You will not have to find it. You can see how promising is the clinic and its members to make your life full happiness by giving you your baby. So think about it and don’t take too long before your mind gets diverted.