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Does anyone know about it?

Does anyone know about it?

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  • Shanell 11-05-17 | 01:29 AM
  • Hi Cameron! According to my knowledge, the best option is to go with a surrogate provided by the clinic. It will cost you less money and very less hustle. The reason behind it because if you will try to find out a surrogate mother of your own, she will charge you a lot and you will have to deal according to her requirements. You will also not be able to know about the proper health condition of the surrogate mother if you try to find her by self. That is why it is the best that you have the surrogate mother arranged by the clinic. There is a clinic that arranges the surrogate mother for you. All the facilities and requirements will be provided by the clinic to the surrogate mother and it will cost you very less. There is also no hustle in it. That is why my suggestion to you is that if you are going for surrogacy then let the clinic deal with the surrogate mother. You don’t need to worry about it.
  • Kemberly 11-05-17 | 01:43 AM
  • Hey Cameron! I will try my best to answer your question properly. First of all, your decision to go for surrogacy is a very great thing. I am so happy for you. Almost everyone has different questions about the procedure and the things related to it before they want to start the process. The thing is that there are women who offer to be a surrogate mother to carry your child. There is also a lot of trust issue in this. You give some payment in advance and some women do run away. So there is no proper security in it. You will also have to search for a very long time to find a surrogate mother for you and she will do the job according to her terms and conditions. So, in this case, my suggestion to you is that you contact the clinic from where you are going to have surrogacy, that they should arrange a surrogate mother for you. It will be totally for your benefit and you will have your baby soon. Finding a surrogate mother by yourself can even take years. But a clinic can find it in a very short time. So don’t waste your time and contact the clinic for a surrogate mother.
  • Candelaria 11-05-17 | 02:12 AM
  • Hi, dear Cameron! I am very glad that I can be of some assistance to any woman who wants information about surrogacy. I have also chosen surrogacy to have a baby. I have done a lot of research about it and according to my knowledge if you will try to find out a surrogate mother by your own then it will cost you a lot and it will obviously be a lot of hustle. You should contact a clinic for a surrogate mother. Because the clinics have their proper surrogate mothers that are permanently attached to the clinic. The clinic has selected them on proper criteria of being healthy and fit. The clinic has also set their specific payment according to their attributes because you can have a surrogate mother according to your requirements. In this case, the cost of the services of a surrogate mother is also included in the total cost of surrogacy procedure. So you don’t need to worry about it. You will take a lot of time in just finding a surrogate mother whereas, the clinic can find the surrogate mother for you in just 2 to 3 months. These are the reasons due to which I want you to have a surrogate mother selected by the clinic. I hope I answered your question thoroughly.
  • TheresiaCreamer 11-05-17 | 02:57 AM
  • Listen, dear! It's not really about the struggle or hassle to find a surrogate mother. In 2015, I myself had surrogacy from a clinic in Ukraine. In the beginning, I was thinking like you to save money as I'm also not very much rich to afford the whole process. Well, but standards are not okay and it's risky to do it on your own. So, we needed standards and affordability together. After few month my husband's colleague suggested him to try this clinic in Kiev, Ukraine. Well, we went for it. It was pretty amazing for us as they had a huge database of surrogate mothers and they recommend as per our match with it. I think you should not hurry or try it on your own. Try searching for this clinic in Ukraine on the internet. It will really help you out going for it in a better and convenient way. It's from my own experience, I can tell you that for sure.
  • Evangeline 11-05-17 | 03:47 AM
  • "By finding a surrogate on your own I assume you mean doing it without any help from an agency...? Well, that surely can be done but requires lots of research first. I must admit it's worth it as asking an agency to do that can really prove to be way too expensive.

    Things to remember - when embarking on 'finding a surrogate' journey, keep in mind that it's not guaranteed you'll end up finding one. You will find if you have a healthy dose of good luck

    Most of the people who find their own surrogate mothers tend to tell everyone they know about it, put it on social media, post under surrogacy articles and some even consider creating a web...

    If it was so easy, everyone would do it, right? Absolutely. It's not easy as I mentioned earlier. This is the reason why many people who can afford it, prefer letting the doctors worry about that."