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Dangerfield Twins 06-02-13 04:35 AM

First time on here! I need some support, I'm 6 weeks pregnant with Twins....
The father an I reconnected while going through a divorce for me an separation for him... we were hot an heavy doing great an talking about the future, the next thing he tells me is that his separated come an go wife of almost 2 years tells him she wants to work things out between them.... I'm left devasted but already love these babies an can't do what he wants me to do!!!

cmthompson 07-04-13 07:44 AM

I am new here. I just found out I am having my second child and my first one is now only 10 months old. I am hoping I can get through it all alive! :) I feel so blessed to be having another child though and cannot wait until February

samakiyah 07-24-13 04:27 AM

Hi to all moms. New here but I'm glad to be with other moms who experience the same things

LadyElect 01-19-14 08:22 PM

Hello everyone I am new to Baby Corner. My husband and I are preparing and gearing up to start TTC!! I am open to all safe methods and ideas that could boost and increase our chances of conception.

SMoncz 03-12-14 03:21 PM

Hello, I just joined today. I'm 13 weeks with an unplanned pregnancy. I also have a 10 month old. I never planned on having more than one child, but, things happen for a reason and I'm happy it turned out this way. My biggest fear right now is gaining pregnancy weight seeing as I JUST lost all of it right when I found out I was pregnant again. So, I'll definitely be looking for advice on keeping it down. :P
The only thing that makes this pregnancy a little stressful is that my husband is away at a military training school right now, he's already been gone for 2 months and will be gone for another 2 months, so I'll be 5 months pregnant and my son 1 years old by the time he gets back. I'm pretty stressed at handling everything by myself as I progress through the pregnancy, especially seeing as I don't know anyone yet in the Colorado Springs area.