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Elizabeth 04-18-06 01:52 PM

Welcome to Baby Corner! [PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!]
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Welcome to Baby Cornerís Message Boards!

Baby Corner is here for any mom, either pregnant, trying to conceive, or a parent already, to support each other and to share their learned experiences and advice with others. You are free to use these boards to share a laugh, a tear, your personal story, and learned advice. We do ask that you follow a few simple rules during your visits at TBC:

Baby Cornerís Message Board Participation Rules

Be Respectful

While we understand that not everyone will share the same viewpoints, or get along, please try to be friendly, courteous, and respectful of other members. If we see a problem and you cannot take care of yourselves, we will ban you. Please do not use profanity in your posts, not even abbreviated. Please do not criticize someone for their opinions.

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1. If you own a business or sell products to others and you try to tell Baby Corner members about it, you are soliciting
2. If a member asks a question about a product you may sell, and you post a response with the intent to sell and link to your web site, you are soliciting
3. If you come onto Baby Corner will the sole intention of posting links to other sites, or you first post contains a link to another website or is filled with search engine keywords, you are considered a spammer and will be banned immediately.
4. If a member asks you directly about a product you may sell, this is not considered soliciting. You are free to tell the member about your product initially, but you are still not allowed to post a link. Please take your conversation to private message.

Pretty much, the general rule here, is please do not try to advertise your business using Baby Corner's message boards, private messages, or social groups. If it looks like soliciting, or a spam or marketing message, your posts will be deleted, you will be sent and be expected to pay an invoice for advertising ($300), and your membership may be banned.

Donít Copy Otherís!

Please do not copy and paste articles onto these message boards. It is considered copyright infringement. If you would like to share an article, simply post a link to the article on another site.

Be Real

Please do not impersonate anyone else other than yourself. Moms have very good intuitions, and we will be able to tell!

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Breaking any of these rules can and may result in the member being permanently banned from using the Baby Corner message boards. We at Baby Corner reserve the right to delete any post for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice.

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Violetpoof 05-26-11 10:16 AM

Hey there! First time mommy to be here. Got a Thanksgiving baby on the way!!

deziraet 04-16-12 04:02 AM


chou 05-04-12 02:58 PM

Hi all - just joined. Due 1-5-13. This will be my 4th child (youngest is 10!). I'm not sure I remember how to do this! lol

Elizabeth 05-04-12 05:52 PM

:wave: Welcome to Baby Corner and congratulations on Baby #4!!!