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Still figuring out. Print Version

sarabrown 09-18-17 01:43 PM

Still figuring out.
I am 34 year old woman living with my husband from last 8 years. I am a photographer and wedding planner. My husband is a retired army person. I have to share the things which made me distracted and hopeless.
I have been trying to conceive from last seven years. The journey was so long and took all the energy out of me. I was physical weak because of the entire struggle.
The first year of marriage was really great and I was so happy at that time. We waited for year because we wanted to enjoy our first marriage life. So everything was going perfect in my life. After the first year I decided to get pregnant.
As the first year over, I started to conceive for the baby. Everything was changed in just matter of fraction. I was diagnosed with the Infertility. My one tube block and it was the main reason I am not pregnant.
After all this we decided to go for the cycle orbid. The all cycle was fail and I believe there is a failure but there is a success too. I decided to work on myself and meet with the doctors. I changed several doctors and experts but didn’t get the real results.
This forum is my last hope!

magicunicorn 10-05-17 08:34 AM

Hi @sarabrown. Welcome to the forum. I saw no one answered you so I decided to send you.
Is there any update?
Did you find another clinic? I'm sure other members can recommend you a good one.
I hope you are feeling better by now.
Try not to fall in despair.. there is always hope. Every day there are new treatments.
Sending you good vibes x