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Depressed! Print Version

TylerPossey 09-19-17 05:34 AM

Man I’m so depressed right now I can’t even start to explain it. All those dreams of babies and years of trying only to find out I can’t make one. Sucks!!

Melisaadams 09-22-17 02:35 AM

don't be
Don't be afraid to fail and depress in life. You need to take into the account that if you feel good and helpful that you need to be grateful. Infertility makes me depressed too but I keep going so you too


magicunicorn 10-05-17 08:26 AM

@TylerPossey welcome to the forum! @melisaadams is right. We are all depressed and living in grief because of infertility. However I'm sure there is still hope. Have you tried everything?
What is your diagnosis? What are your options?
Please, let us know so we can advise you better.
Sending you blessings