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Marlana 11-04-17 11:09 AM

Hello, I am new on this forum. There are some questions in my mind which I would like to ask. My sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her uterus was also damaged. Following this, she became a depression patient due to which her marriage is falling apart. She wants to conceive but doctors aren't too hopeful. As the doctors have suggested a hysterectomy. Please help what to do?? Things are not good on her side.

Latrina 11-04-17 05:13 PM

Hi Cameron, I think it is wise to let clinic to choose surrogate mother. They have a wide range of profiles of surrogate mothers in their database. It is not that you cannot choose your own surrogate mother. Obviously, you can choose. However, a criterion should be met in case if you provide the clinic with your own surrogate mother. The criterions are that the surrogate mother should be of age above 35. She must be physically fit to undergo the pregnancy. She must be having at least one healthy baby. Along with all these, she needs to be fit mentally as well. If we talk about cost, I think, it will cost you less to provide the clinic with your own surrogate mother rather than choosing one through the clinic. However, their surrogate mothers are more experienced. I think it is better to not to take our own surrogate mothers. At my time, I chose the surrogate mother through the clinic. Overall, my experience was very good with it. She never refused us if we wanted to talk to her even on a video call.

Pinkerton 11-04-17 05:34 PM

Hi Cameron, You have the option to choose surrogate mother. It is not a restriction at all that they will choose a surrogate mother for you. In case, it is your own surrogate mother, she needs to fulfill certain criteria. The criteria include following points: The age of surrogate mother should be 35 or above. She must be healthy enough to get pregnant. She must have at least one healthy child. She needs to have good mental health.If any of the points from the criteria is missed, then the clinic will not accept your surrogate mother. In my opinion, it is better to let clinic to choose surrogate mothers, as they are experienced in choosing the surrogate mothers. The clinics have a wide database of surrogate mothers. You can choose 4-5 of them. The specialists will then match the perfect one for you. As per my opinion, the cost to have your own surrogate mother is less. I hope my explanation is satisfactory.

Ressie 11-05-17 01:00 AM

Well, yeah! I'd be honest with you. It may cost you lesser, but on the other side, you can't do all stuff in life by yourself. You don't have the expertise. It's not about the hassle. I think the topic is worth hassling for but, I preferred going to a clinic for it and really worked fine for me. I traveled Ukraine from Canada for surrogacy. It worked really well for me. I have got a son now. He is the love of my life. It completed our lives. I think you should try consulting a clinic and try their procedures. They will really help you out in suggesting what's better for you.

Ellsworth 11-05-17 01:17 AM

"Well, apparently, with the surrogates, there are three options available to a couple. One is that you can work with the surrogate your center selects for you (from their database of surrogates). Second would be that you go through an agency. Thirdly, you can provide them with a surrogate (a relative of yours maybe).
Talking about the costs is a bit controversial I believe. Some clinics offer economical packages and you end up paying for the surrogate way too less than it'd cost you otherwise. Option one that I mentioned will go with these packages. Others say that agencies are great with this (I personally am yet to see such an agency).
With the clinics offering economical packs, using their in-house surrogates is one great of an option if you ask me.
I happen to know of a center in Europe (Ukraine) that is offering great affordable services. They also offer free first-time consultation which most of the US clinics charge for.