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Does anyone know about it? Print Version

BelkisOcasio 11-05-17 02:57 AM

"""Hi, Cameron,

Normally, the reproduction centers have a database of surrogate mothers (SM) who meet all the needed requirements. They do give you an option to provide the clinic with the relative, friend or completely outside person to act as SM. However, they must fulfill the set requirements.

The main requirements that I'm aware of are:
- an upper age limit of 35 years;
- good overall health and possibility to undergo a pregnancy;
- having at least one healthy own child;
- sound mental health

About the costs - I think it will definitely cost less if we provide them with our own SM but at the same time, I also believe that letting them select the SM from their own database seems kinda more serene.

Further, I'd recommend going for an overall economic package rather than thinking of omitting any particular step to reduce costs. Anyway, that's just my opinion :)"""