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Any plans this weekend?

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  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 05-23-08 | 09:09 PM
  • My much disliked FIL and Step MIL are coming into town. I guess FIL's BIL (are you following) had triple bypass surgery. We don't speak to them, but FIL will be coming to town to see his BIL and sis. Anyway I am hoping they only stay for an hour or two. As you get to know me more you will hear that I love love love my MIL and Step FIL, but hate the other two who treat my kids and my nieces like crap.
    Other than that I expect to have a low-key restful weekend.
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 05-24-08 | 07:29 AM
  • My dad is coming to stay with us for 6 months, so I'll be getting his room ready for his arrival next Sat. Other than that, probably grill out since it's supposed to be great here. I hope you all have a great long weekend.
  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 05-24-08 | 11:27 AM
  • I am going out the island that my family has a summer home on. It should be a lot of fun! We will probably have a cook out and get together with our island friends.
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 05-24-08 | 12:37 PM
  • Dh has to work Sat and will be home Sunday we will just have a low key and hopefully restful weekend.
  • MaybeBaby4 MaybeBaby4's Avatar 05-24-08 | 02:02 PM
  • We are just hanging around home

    I am going to see my mom today, actually in about an hour.
    Other than that just rest and relaxation.

    This morning i finally decided to send my boys to summer camp, after summer school.... They will be gone for 5 days and 4 nights.
    between July 7th-11th.
    I am going to go crazy i have never been away from my kids for that long. They will be 3 hours away
    I trust the camp staff but you never know what could happen and you always imagine the worse.
    DH said it's really time i give them some freedom, the boys have been wanting to go since december i just wasn't wanting them to.
    I still don't want them to. lol I tried to talk them out of it telling them there will be no tv's or video games, as well as none of moms home cooking. They could care less, a whole week of fishing camping hiking and praising God. To them it's the most exciting thing in the world right now.
    DD cried for 30 minutes, and if you even say camp she starts crying. She will miss her brothers a LOT!!