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Georgia's Arrival

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  • Mishas Mishas's Avatar 11-15-09 | 08:08 PM
  • I thought it was about time I posted my birth story! For such a speedy birth, it's a long story!

    After having two non-eventful pregnancies with the girls I expected the same thing! I was under Midwifery care and everything had been going great until my 27th week, when I caught swine flu. My baby started measuring small from that moment, and I ended up having to have regular growth scans and was put under obstetric care for the remainder of my pregnancy. I had to give up work at 30 weeks and I was ordered to rest. Josh was interstate with the Navy, so Mum was attending all of my appointments with me. One of my scans showed the baby had moved up to the 30th percentile, so we were ecstatic, but then a scan at 38 weeks showed that the baby had stopped growing and my placenta wasn’t functioning well. I had an ob appointment on Thursday morning, and she wanted to induce me that day since the baby wasn't moving very much. I was sent up to Delivery Suite and had a CTG, which showed the baby was coping okay. A miscommunication between the doctor up there and the ob resulted in a meeting with the Director of Obstetrics, and they decided that I would be induced on Sunday so Josh could be here. The condition was I had to have CTGs on Friday and Saturday. The Navy ended up flying Josh home on Thursday evening, thank goodness!

    Friday’s CTG showed a few decels, but otherwise they were happy to let me go home. The ob came in to see me, and said she wanted to do a stretch and sweep to see if we could get things going naturally, as she wasn’t sure if the baby would cope with the gel if I needed it. My cervix was posterior and I was 1cm dilated. I bled after the s & s and had shocking cramps but the bleeding eased off by the evening.

    I couldn't sleep at all on Friday night due to the cramps. I took panadol and used my wheatpack, and finally fell into a deep sleep at about 4am. My MIL rang from the US at 6.30am to see if everything was okay, waking everyone up! I couldn’t get back to sleep after that and figured I may as well use the bathroom before I went back to bed, but instead I passed three huge blood clots and realised that the baby wasn't moving. Mum rang Delivery Suite, they told me to keep calm and to come straight in. Josh and I got to the hospital at about 8am , where I was reassured to see two of the midwives (Mary and Cath) who I’d met the day before were working. Mary hooked me up to the CTG which showed I was having plenty of tightenings but baby was still having some large decels. The midwives spoke to the doctor on duty, and they decided that the baby needed to come out that day. The doctor came in to break my waters at 9am, I was only 2cm dilated and my cervix was still very long but he managed to nick my membranes and I started trickling a tiny bit. Cath told me that they were going to have the neonatal specialist present when the baby arrived due to all of the issues I’d had. Mum and my brother’s girlfriend Taryne were on their way in by this stage. I had to stay on the monitor for 10 more minutes, but after that Cath brought me in a fitball and I sat on that.

    I was having contractions but they were irregular and not very painful, and all in my back because the baby was posterior. Cath said she was giving me an hour to see if I started labouring on my own, but then she’d have to put me onto the Synto. She ended up giving me an hour and a half, I went to the bathroom just before 10.30am and my waters broke all over the floor! Poor Josh ended up doing some housekeeping so no one slipped over! Cath then hooked up the synto on the lowest dose, and my contractions started coming straight away at 1 minute apart and 40 seconds long. No gradual build up, it was awful.
    Cath let me stay on the fitball so I could lean over the bed and Josh could rub my back, and I focused on the music we had playing, but at 10.30am she told me I’d need to go back onto the CTG because she was having problems getting the heartrate with the doppler. I was dreading lying on my back because I'd had posterior labours with the girls and it was the most painful position. She helped me onto the bed and did an internal between contractions, I was only 3cm and she could only just reach the baby’s head. I decided then I wanted the epidural, and she agreed saying that it would help me to relax, especially with such strong contractions and not much progress. I couldn’t handle lying on my back and started getting upset, so she helped me onto my side while I waited for the anaesthetist who was due to arrive in ten minutes. I couldn’t cope at this stage, and completely lost it. I was hysterical, in so much pain and I know at one stage I pushed Josh’s hand away and kept telling them I wanted to go home. Mum asked Cath if I could have the gas while I waited, and that gave me something to focus on. I had Mum stroking my face and talking me through breathing through each contraction, while Josh rubbed my back and Taryne rubbed my legs.
    Cath went to check where the anaesthetist was, but while she was gone I suddenly had three contractions on top of one another and I felt the baby's head move down. I said “I need to push” and then let out a huge scream! Taryne hit the Emergency callbell, and suddenly four midwives were in the room (Mary told me later that she'd heard me scream from the room next door and thought I’d fallen out of the bed!) I was still screaming because I felt out of control, but Mary held my hand and completely calmed me down and got me focused while Cath did a quick check and told me that I was about to have a baby! The other two midwives were calling the specialist and setting up the resus station, Cath told me it was time to push and in one push baby’s head was out. In the next push Georgia Emily arrived at 11.52am, and Cath picked her straight up and put her onto my chest. She let out one small cry then went quiet, I lifted her leg to see what we’d had (“We have a girl!”). They let Josh quickly cut the cord then the specialist rushed her over to the resus station and got her breathing. Finally they wrapped her up and brought her back to me for cuddles. At this stage the anaesthetist walked in, shook Josh’s hand and said congratulations, and left!
    The midwives and doctors can’t believe how quickly she arrived, she shocked everyone! I went from being 3cm to having her in my arms in 20 minutes, it was definitely a whirlwind and a lot to take in! Mum and Taryne were bawling, Josh was just in shock I think! She weighed in at 2560g (5lb 10oz), 47cm long and her head was 32cm so the scans were spot on and everyone said they're glad she arrived when she did. We've been concentrating on fattening her up on the outside, she's been exclusively breastfed from the beginning and is doing wonderfully! We just need regular checkups to make sure she has no lasting effects from the damn swine flu and is putting on weight. She cracked the 6lb mark two weeks ago!

    I'm now the proud mummy of my three beautiful princesses, and I never thought it would be possible to love three little people as much as I love my girls!
  • megr 11-16-09 | 01:44 PM
  • What a story!! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad everything worked out for you and your family. Welcome Georgia!!