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I am starting to get a little scared!

I am starting to get a little scared!

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  • texasgirlsmommy texasgirlsmommy's Avatar 06-11-08 | 12:54 AM
  • okay so I know its my own fault cause I watch these shows that put things in my head but I also worry on my this is going to be my 4th c-section...and I don't know anyone personally that has had that many! My dr knew from before I even had Hannah that I was planning a 4th and when she delivered her she said I was okay to go ahead with another one! But I am just starting to get scared! Have any of u girls had alot of sections? Did they consider u high risk? Anyone with experience can u calm my nerves a little??
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 06-11-08 | 10:57 AM
  • This will be my second one so cant tell you what its like to have that many but sweety I would not worry if the doc told you it is ok.
  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 06-11-08 | 10:26 PM
  • I dont see why it would be a problem.
  • ~J&Ty~ ~J&Ty~'s Avatar 06-12-08 | 07:54 AM
  • My cousin had 4 with no problem.
  • texasgirlsmommy texasgirlsmommy's Avatar 06-12-08 | 10:48 AM
  • Its just I have been hearing how its alot more complicated with number 3 and 4 and well I was watching the baby story one day! I know I shouldn't pay attention to those shows! LOL Well they just started making such a big deal outta c-section 4...and blah I started freaking out a bit...I saw a midwife last visit and I told her I was having some anxiety about it and I was worried...well instead of easing my mind...she freaked me out more by saying well it is a complicated procedure and then listed all the things that could go wrong..NOT WHAT I NEEDED to hear! I did make my appt this time with a dr so I could discuss it a little bit more...Hopefully he will be able to ease my mind...I mean I know most likely everything will go just fine...I have never had issues with my c-sections...its just I get these days were I have a little bit of a panic attack thinking about it...I just gotta stop thinking about it I guess for now!

    Thanks though girls...I am sure all will be just fine!