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It's soooo quiet...

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  • JudyG JudyG's Avatar 06-26-07 | 05:38 PM
  • in here these days. Where is everyone?? How are you all holding up??? We are all almost 2/3 of the way done.
  • JennaMC 06-26-07 | 09:06 PM

    Between working and taking care of a 1yr old I don't have much time for the computer anymore. Besides the onset of the "dreaded" acid reflux, I am doing okay. I can't believe we are almost 2/3 done. I will say since this is my last baby I am def. going to miss being pregnant just a little bit
  • Kekepania Kekepania's Avatar 06-27-07 | 08:03 AM
  • Work has been really busy here for the past month and when I'm home, we're usually outside since the weather has been nice. I'm sure I'll be on more once the August humidity takes over