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an ultrasound, cerclage, and bedrest

an ultrasound, cerclage, and bedrest

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  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 06-06-08 | 01:22 PM
  • What a week! O.k. so Tuesday I went for my usual ultrasound and Lucy and Ricky were flipping around, heart rates were at 146 and 141. At the end of the ultrasound they said you need to go over to the hospital to get checked out because your cervix is measuring shorter than what it should be for this stage of your pregnancy. So I go over to the hospital which was across the street and the dr. checks me out and says we are keeping you overnight until we get you in to the perinatal unit at another hospital. So after spending a day and half in the hospital, thursday I finally get to the perinatal unit for another ultrasound. The results of that showed that my cervix had already shortened up in two days and it was in the twins best interest to have the cerclage put in. So that was done last night. So this morning my doctor was in at the hospital this morning where I was and basically stated I'm on restricted bedrest with limited bathroom privliedges until at least 28 weeks. My dr.. says it is highly unlikely I'll make it to October and that twins will probably be here early most like end of August sometime September. We've now become really high risk and now the main goal is to make to 32 weeks at the very least.
    And that's my has the week been for you ladies?
  • Erinn Erinn's Avatar 06-06-08 | 01:31 PM


    I was also on bedrest with my twins due to a shortened cervix (I got some infection that caused it at 26 weeks) but I did not get a cerclage. I did exactly as my doctor said and we made it to 36 weeks 4 days before I was induced. We also made 32 weeks as our first goal and then went weekly from there. At 34 weeks, I was dilated 3 cms and my cervix was almost gone. I also got two steroid shots at 26 weeks to help prepare the lungs in case they were delivered early. Did they give this to you when you were in the hospital? You can do's not easy but the end result is the best! My doctor considered 37 weeks as full term for twins.
Thank you Erinn!
nisey79 (06-09-08)
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 06-06-08 | 02:47 PM
  • Wow Nisey you stick to the docs orders girl we want to see those babies bake as long as is possible. Keep us updated hun.
Thank you Sharil!
nisey79 (06-09-08)
  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 06-06-08 | 08:39 PM
  • Hugs! Keep them in there cooking. Get some help for T! Praying for you!
Thank you jillrn!
nisey79 (06-09-08)
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 06-06-08 | 08:46 PM
  • Oh wow what a week you have had! Luckily they caught what was happening before it was too late. So do you have family/friends that can take care of T? I know you are going to get bored in bed, but hopefully DVDs, books, and us can keep you occupied. Do you have a laptop? What does restricted bathroom mean exactly? I am so glad you are home and I know you are going to be able to keep those babies in there for as long as they need!
Thank you Valleygirl!
nisey79 (06-09-08)