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6 weeks prego and spotting

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  • kelstef 05-21-07 | 06:01 PM
  • I am new to this site because I have had a few problems and I wanted to see if any one out there has had similar issues. I have a 15 month old daughter and in March my husband and I decided to start trying for baby #2. I got pregnant and just before week 5 I lost it. Well within 2weeks after that I got pregnant again. I am now 6 weeks and have started spotting. Friday is was one time...little brownish. Sunday was one time also a little brownish. Today, Monday, it has had a little more red to it and has been about everyother time I have went to the bathroom. I have informed my doc and he has me scheduled for an ultrasound on thursday. I just want to hear of others have had any issues similar to this and what happened. I have been an absolute wreck over this!

  • Kekepania Kekepania's Avatar 05-22-07 | 11:02 AM
  • It's so unnerving to see that when you go to the bathroom I know
    . I've had quite a bit of spotting with this pregnancy and it's been an on and off thing since I was around 5 weeks pregnant. Sometimes it would be a very light pinkish color and sometimes bordering on bright red. I'm now 18 weeks along and still going strong. Will be praying that everything is okay with your little one too.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 05-22-07 | 02:39 PM
  • I can totally understand your worry, but try to keep a positive thought. Spotting and cramping too during pg are totally normal. It might be that everything is totally fine! It sounds to me like you might be wise to go to the doctor and request a progesterone level. Progesterone is what keeps the uterine lining intact and the uterus calm. Try not to worry!

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