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announcing Lillian Grace

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  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 02-20-05 | 04:20 AM
  • my beautiful precious baby girl arrived wednesday morning. I'll post her birth story soon. right now, everything is very hectic..coping with postpartum discomfort and now the tears have started and I'm having trouble turning them off. trying to manage sleeping, eating, drinking, and pumping with staying at the hospital as long as they'll let me stay. I also have to shower and wear clean clothes, so I'm still trying to juggle all this and try to let others take care of my family and home.
    Lily weighed 5 lbs, 1/2 oz and is 16 inches long. I was able to hold her for a few minutes before she was assessed and transferred. she has been struggling to adjust. she's not doing well and is listed as critical. she is also being tested for several genetic diseases, as she is showing symptoms. it's just another complication, but I'm sure they'll get it figured out soon and then she'll start improving.
    thank you all for the prayers.
  • 22Tango 22Tango's Avatar 02-20-05 | 09:54 AM

    All our thoughts and prayers are with you both!!!
  • range range's Avatar 02-20-05 | 09:57 AM
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 02-20-05 | 10:21 AM
  • Welcome Lillian!!!! Brenda, remember that Lily is a fighter just like her mother. I will continue to say prayers for your family.
  • shannonmb shannonmb's Avatar 02-20-05 | 11:05 AM
  • Welcome to the world Lillian
    I will continue to pray for you and your sweet baby girl