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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 01-11-07 | 01:37 PM
  • PS I'm going to see my Dr. on the 18th. I'll ask him about the sex drive if I don't get too embarassed.
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 01-11-07 | 02:09 PM
  • great point leslie, but i have to admot in all this discussion lately, i did try. i put ava down for a nap, took my shower, and crawled into bed with dh, he works noghts so had only been asleep for a while. i was totally naked tryiong to make the move, and he rolled over and said he was way too tired. so i did not get any, which is fine, but i did prove a point, that when he gets home from work, and i am asleep, i am not in the mood, so all worth it in the long run. i remind him often of all the flowers and dinners i used to get, when i was a size 6. who knows
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 01-11-07 | 03:04 PM
  • sorry to just jump right in here but i have absolutley no sex drive right now either i am currently 8 months pregnant and horny just no energy to DTD i feel really bad for my DH cuz he is hurting for it. when i wasnt pregnant we would play some games and give each other a full body massage every night (if you know what i mean) but seriously the massage would make me hornery for some reason and get me in the mood. we got this dice game where you throw the dice and move your pawn and do what ever it says on the board. it was cute and fun. movies always helped too we would watch them all the time and then have fun (sorry tmi) but it was fun for us. just some suggestions. i hope this helps anyone. but i am really sorry that you are going thru this my DH tells me he would leave me if i stopped giving it to him oohhh does that piss me off for sure. i hope you get to
  • Missy M 01-13-07 | 10:38 PM
  • Leslie....I love your point about the candles, flowers, etc.....I got a porn last time he wanted it and he said "what...doesn't ti make you horny?" Yeah maybe if their was a little romance and foreplay first. You guys are nice because I don't even put out pity sex......I am just to darn exhausted. Missy
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 01-14-07 | 02:23 PM
  • I don't give pity sex. I think we've dtd three times since I got pregnant!