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C-section question

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  • frogger773 frogger773's Avatar 11-22-04 | 11:27 AM
  • Thanks ladies!! I still haven't decided what to do.
    I have an appointment Wednesday, and I will see if I have progressed any and then make a decision from there.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 11-30-04 | 02:53 AM
  • Janessa-
    I had Andrew VBAC -- I didn't have much of a choice in the matter because they refused to give me the epidural or knock me out in order to do a repeat c-section until I had had antibiotics for 8 hours prior (because of the pneumonia I walked in with).

    It was successful.
    I never had labor with Sarah, she was breech and I never even went into labor, they just took her. So, labor with Andrew was a totally new experience for me. And, I did it pretty naturally too. Ok, so I was begging for the medication, but they only gave me the stadol and the morphine stuff. (again because of the pneumonia)

    I'm glad I did it VBAC, it was a great experience all things considered. I'm sure you're up on the statistics, though -- about the benefits of what a vaginal birth provides over a cesarian. The statistics even show that an attempted vaginal that ends up in a c-section is better for the baby than to never have endured the labor at all. That to me, is enough to make an extra effort to attempt the VBAC.

    The hospital I went to was 40 minutes away and that WAS in my town
    it's full of traffic and it was rush hour when 'it was time'. I still had TONS of time to make it to the hospital. (actually, I signed in at around 8am and had Andrew at 2pm.)
  • frogger773 frogger773's Avatar 12-02-04 | 10:24 PM
  • Looks like I am doing it c-section since it is scheduled for tomorrow morning!
    I hope I don't have any regrets.