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C-Section :s

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  • cshannon91 05-08-10 | 10:14 PM
  • Im scheduled for my c-section in 13 days and oh boy am I nervous, this is my first child, so first c-section. Im a VERY nervous about being awake during the whole thng, I know that I'll have the spinal so I wont feel pain but does that take away all feeling?? Or will I still feel somethings? Anybody know of any good relaxation hints while Im having it done, its just very nervewracking knowing that i will be awake and atthe same time my stomach is being cut open..

    Also, I know that recovery time is different for everyone, but for you ladies who have had c-sections how long did it take for you to recover? or for to be able to function almost normally??

  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 05-08-10 | 10:56 PM
  • I had a C-Section in 2003. I was awake and it was no big deal. They draped a sheet so that I could not see my inards hangings outwards.
    The worst part for me was having my arms strapped down to my sides and then not being able to comfort my baby as soon as she started crying. My husband went to her though while I was being sewn back together.

    The recovery was easy for me. I had almost no pain at all after the first day and the strongest med I took was Motrin. I was up and walking after an hour and taking care of my wee one almost immediately. It sucked having the staples taken out because it pinched my skin.

    I do have a fairly high tolerance for pain, and coupled with adrenaline from having my new born baby girl in my arms, the recovery really was a non-issue for me.
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 05-09-10 | 01:49 AM
  • I have had 3 csections, the first was the most difficult because it wasn't planned and was after a very long labor, so I was exhausted on top of everything else.
    My other 2 were rather easy. I was never freaked out about being cut open, with any of them. Because I was so aware of what was going on I was much better in recovery for my second 2 sections, I was able to get the baby as soon as they had me settled, I was able to nurse, and hold the baby all I wanted. I was in very little pain with #2 and almost no pain with #3.
    Your are lucky that your first is planned, most women I know that had an emergency or unplanned section did so after long labors which made it experience completely different.
    Talk to your doctor too if you are really freaked out I am sure that there is something the anethsiaologist (sp) can give you to calm your nerves.
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 05-09-10 | 01:50 AM
  • oh and it doesn't take all feeling away, you still will feel some tugging and pressure at various points of the surgery, that depending on the position of the baby could be "uncomfortable" but really not painful at all.
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 05-09-10 | 02:34 PM
  • I had 2. My 1st was not planned but not emergency either. I've never been in labor.

    I felt a bit of pressure and nothing else. IMO no pain is wonderful! My arms were not strapped down - wonder why they did that to you Chickie.

    Recovery was easy with my 1st. The 1st day after it was a bit hard to walk and after that I was fine. I went to work with baby when she was 2 wks old.
    (Didn't get anything done though!) I think I only took pain pills once in the hospital.

    I had an infection after my 2nd, so that was more complicated but it wasn't a result of the c/section.

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