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Concerned... just a bit of a ? advice please

Concerned... just a bit of a ? advice please

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  • Jerri Jerri's Avatar 01-30-06 | 05:35 PM
  • Hi all... I am usually on the 2003 Oct-Dec board but I have a question. I have looked all through the internet and can't find anything thats helpful.
    Okay, I started AF on the 19th of December, and was feeling lousy and tired after that. Af seemed to come early,January 12, 4 days early... I spotted very lightly from 3 am til early the next morn and then for less than a day I needed to wear a pad but then stopped and spotted for a few hours then nada. Okay I haven't thought about it too much but no matter what I do I seem to be gaining weight... my doctor thought it was depression so he put me on antidepressants about a week and a half ago. WHICH is what is concerning me, I have still been nauseas, and have had a few sinus issues and a bit tired and I tried on a pair of pants that fit just two weeks ago and I could barely get them zipped yesturday.... my doctor isn't in today... but I guess I am wondering if you ladies think I should be concerned....
    OH my other issue, I have endometriosis, which means lots of pain, throwing up and lots of other yucky things... and there was a tiny bit of cramping the day it seemed reg but usually for a few days a month, I am in sooooo much pain BUT NADA.
    Oh and my cycles are pretty much regular... 28 days,very seldom 29... please, let me know if you ladies think I should be concerned???
    ANY input on this would be greatly appreciated....
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 01-30-06 | 09:35 PM
  • I think they need to be running some tests sweety. My AF before i got pregnant was always really short 2 - 4 days at most and very light but i had terrible cramps. I know its not normal to have lots of pain with AF so if it starts back up after i have the baby i will be talking to the doc again. But i do think its time they figure out whats going on with you.
  • susie susie's Avatar 01-30-06 | 09:40 PM
  • I think you should be concerned. What appeared to you to be AF on January 12th, might have not been at all!

    I would go to the store and buy a prego test tonight! I wouldn't be able to take the suspense and my curiousity would just bug me until I did!
  • Jerri Jerri's Avatar 01-30-06 | 10:28 PM
  • Thank you... I am going a bit cuckoo, pregnancy usually makes me gain weight rapidly(mainly water weight) Man I have a 2 year old and I have been watching another 2 yearold and a 4 year old boy for over a month... I don't get to sit down
    I appreciate your advice I really basically needed someone who just heard facts and would let me know what they thought I was wondering if I was just letting my mind wander too much
    ...greatly appreciated.

    Get this, I told the doctor I was too tired to exercise as much as I used to, he told me I just needed to excercise more!
  • lazydaizy2 lazydaizy2's Avatar 01-31-06 | 08:18 AM
  • Jerri,
    When I was taking depressants I gained weight from them. But there is also a possibility you are pg becuase of the nasua and tiredness. You should get a pg test at the store and see becuase some meds are not safe w/ pg and it could very well be your hormones that made u feel off making your doctor think its depression. Its definetly worth looking into. Hope u get an answer soon.

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