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Cora's Story [Please Read]

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  • cshannon91 01-07-10 | 01:37 PM
  • So I dont know much about little Cora besides the fact that she was born in my city to what seems like AMAZING parents!!

    Cora was born on November, 30th 2009 and lived an amazing 5 day. Cora had CHD [[SIZE=2]congenital heart disease] Her mother had a normal pregnancy, and delievery. She passed all of her tests with perfect scores. A simple, yet not mandatory pulse oximeterty[sp] test was all that would be needed to find the CHD in little Cora. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Here is the link for Cora's Story. I am just trying to raise awareness for all!! Hopefully with Cora and all of the other babies that this test will be mandatory in all 50 states!![/SIZE]


    [SIZE=2][Hopefully I posted this in the right catergory][/SIZE]

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  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 01-07-10 | 01:49 PM

    That is so sad!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 01-07-10 | 02:26 PM
  • Thats so sad.