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Cures For Morning Sickness

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  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 03-05-05 | 02:11 AM
  • Morning sickness during pregnancy is a phenomenon that no one canunderstnad. Doctor's say that women get it due to hormonal changes and/or lower blood sugar during pregnancy, usually during the first trimester. Some women will have terrible morning sickness during pregnancy and others won't. But women who do get it say that it doesn't just happen in the morning, but also in the afternoon, and at night. Anything can cause those bouts of nausea to occur, or nothing has to happen at all. Each pregnancy is different in each individual; one pregnancy you will have morning sickness and the next you won't. This article will gove some unique suggestions to ease mornig sickness like, why vinegar and salt potato chips work to ease nausea.
    Eating a shaving of fresh ginger whenever a wave of nausea hits works really well. You can buy it in a little plastic container wherever sushi is sold.
    Try eating potato chips instead of saltine crackers to stop nausea. Potato chips go down well and feel good while they are there! Do not eat the fat-free potato chips with that newly approved fat substitute in them, olestra, this substance has been proven to carry out important nutrients out of your body, before they can be digested.
    The salt and vinegar chips can ease nausea especially well and here is why. Many women experiance a lot of queasiness and morning sickness during pregnancy because their saliva glands excrete more saliva than usual. All the excess saliva in the mouth makes you feel sick. The salt and vinegar on the potato chips dries up the excess saliva. Thus, it reduces or totally eliminates the queasiness and the morning sickness.
    Avoid large meals it will make you feel stuffed and sick. Eat 6 - small snack type meals a day. Make sure your stomache is never empty. An empty stomache can aggravate morning sickness.
    Do not sit up or stand quickly. Your equilibrium shifts when you change positions and you will get dizzy and nauseous. Listen to your body!!! If something makes you nauseous, stay away from it. Patience is the key with morning sickness: it does eventually pass and the remainder of your pregnancy is normally a wonderful experiance.
  • Rebby74 Rebby74's Avatar 07-13-05 | 08:32 PM
  • Good info!
    Cucumbers (with salt), lemonade and sprinkling paprika on everything also worked for me with morning sickness.
  • **Michele** **Michele**'s Avatar 07-14-05 | 02:19 PM


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  • addygirl addygirl's Avatar 07-14-05 | 02:27 PM
  • Found ya ;-)
  • akchic akchic's Avatar 09-24-05 | 02:46 AM
  • I had horrible, horrible morning sickness during my pregnancy. I tried everything. What was the only thing that worked?

    gummy bears!

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