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Georgia Kathleen is Here!!

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  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 08-31-06 | 03:56 PM
  • After a long, hard, labor, I finally have my beautiful daughter! She is wonderful
    To make a very LOOOONG story short:
    My water broke at 7pm Saturday night; at 1:45am went with an epidural when I finally got to 6cm; by 2pm the next day, was still at a 6; decided to go C-section; very scary experience....yuck; but Georgia was born at 2:41pm on 8/27!

    DH got to hold her for the first 20 minutes of her life and they have totally bonded
    (my arms were too numb).

    She weighed....ready for this??? 9lbs 11oz!!!!!!!!! 21 1/4 inches long and healthy as can be....she started bfeeding right away, has a great latch, but wants to eat every hour! More so from 12midnight to 4am-lovely

    I am doing okay...just more swollen now than ever before and am having spinal headaches. I'm working with the Docs to try to reduce these....I'm not sure what the Tx is exactly, but vicodin isn't cutting it

    I'm not sure when I'll be able to post parents will be here for the next week to help!
  • erinjj erinjj's Avatar 08-31-06 | 04:01 PM
  • Congratulations!!!!!!
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 08-31-06 | 04:04 PM

    Congratulations, Bonnie!!!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-31-06 | 04:06 PM

    Congratulations, Bonnie!!
    I'm sure she's as beautiful has her name.
  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 08-31-06 | 08:56 PM
  • Congratulations, so happy for you, enjoy ur little one, u went through so much to get her.