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  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 06-21-06 | 08:31 AM
  • Ok, I have Brianna sleeping in her crib now, but I am on the floor in an air mattress, not ready to let the monitor do all work if you know what I mean....still want to be close to her

    She has one of those support things in the crib that has the padding on the sides so that she does not roll over, and it and it is a Snug fit one so it has a case, mattress and all, anyhow, dh decided to place a towel at the top of the mattress (under it) to prop her up as she is still very vocal.....squirmish, etc. She always does better in her car seat or bouncy seat for sleeping we thought it was because she was proped up, anyhow to make a long story short, when she got up to feed at 3am, she out of the snugfit , over the bumpers on her mattress, and between that snugfit and the side of the crib where the border is, needless to say I was horrified and started to cry. So after feeding her, and all, I took the towel out of the mattress thinking it was that, so she was lying flat again, and when she got me up at 6 am, she was still on the snugfit thing but over the bumpers!!!! I am worried....what do I do? Do any of you have the baby just sleeping on the crib mattress? w/o any supports? I am afraid I am not going to be getting any sleep now. We go to the Pediatrian tomorrow, but I am just worried, any advice would be helpful. I just don't want anything to happen to her, I would just not know what to do w/ myself if something happens to her. She does not like sleeping w/ a pacifier....she is just very strong and very squirmish...please help...thanks alot.
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 06-21-06 | 08:32 AM
  • Oh she is 5 weeks old now....
  • Missy M 06-21-06 | 10:04 AM
  • Isabelle is also very active in her crib and manages to wiggle her way out of her positioner also. My advice is to keep the positioner in the crib, but take out any bumper guards if you have them in your crib. That way if she gets over the positioner, she won't get trapped with her face in the bumpers. It is hard getting used to trusting the monitor. My advice on that is to get one that has a camera so that you can see her when she moves around. The monitor will pick up the noise of her moving will hear her. While you are in her room on the floor, put the monitor next to you so that you get used to the noises it makes (that was the hard part for me). Good luck!
  • Celia_M 06-21-06 | 03:20 PM
  • My friends baby had to sleep on his front (reflux issues) so she got a monitor that had a pad that went underneath baby and monitored it's breathing, she could see the light flashing to show her baby was breathing ok on the monitor as well as hear him. She found it Very reassuring.
    K slept in a crib for the first 5mos, we only moved her into her cot once she'd outgrown it. The advantage of that was that she could sleep right alongside my side of the bed. (When we moved house our room was big enough for her cot to fit alongside me) We only just moved her into her own room, and I slept on the floor alongside her for the first 3 nights. I can well understand your concern, it's totally natural.
    I'm gradually getting used to the monitor sounds now.
    We also swaddled K for the first 2mos odd, it really helped her settle to sleep and she would start herself with her movements and wake herself up if we didn't swaddle her. We stopped swaddling her once she was big enough to go into a "grobag" - you know the baby sleeping bags? I LOVE those, means I don't have the worry of her slipping under her sheets, or kicking the sheets off and waking from cold. They come in summer and winter togs too, so I don't worry about overheating her either. (if it's too hot she just sleeps in her sleepsuit) It stopped her from being able to roll around at night Long after she could roll during the day, and also now has a bonus side effect in that she can't climb up to standing position in it! I'm such a spoilsport to her

    A monitor with a camera also sounds like a good idea, as does putting it on the floor next to you now so you get used to it.
    I hope you can find a solution that you feel happy with
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 06-21-06 | 08:20 PM
  • Thanks ladies, I am soooo afraid to sleep tonight, I will keep the positioner in the crib tonight but I am going to turn in short ways, instead of the regular way, so she will have no where to go and I also have the video monitor but it is by my bedside and since I am not in my bed, I don't use it, I thought by being in her room I would not need to worry, but man that totally freaked me out! I will keep the positoner in, thanks, I did order a new one from Babies R Us, it is called Secure and Safe and it has sides all the way around for my little wiggle worm it should be here tomorrow or the next day but I will definately tell the Pediatrician about it tomorrow. I do have some Swaddlers but she is still sooo small. I have got her footed PJ so I don't have to put a blanket in w/ her as she just kicks them off and widdles out of them.
    SHEW! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow....tx.

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