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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 06-30-06 | 07:58 PM
  • So, Carly is now five months old and I still haven't lost any weight. All I heard in the beginning is "breastfeeding this breastfeeding that" "don't worry it will melt right off if you breastfeed" blah blah blah. HELLO !! Not melting off. All the books say not to diet if you're breastfeeding but I'm going on a tropical vacation in February for a MONTH!!! and do not want to look like a white hog on the beach. Any advice? I tried to join ediets, my fave but they wouldn't let me because I'm breastfeeding. I'm not willing to quit that at all though so I know the gigga giggas are going to stay large. HELP! Signed, fat in AK.
  • Celia_M 07-02-06 | 05:13 PM
  • Hi fat in Ak, I'm fat in Uk!

    Seriously, b'feeding hasn't = weight loss for me either. And it's all very well people saying "it's still early days" but it doesn't feel it anymore. I lost the fluid retention bit easily obviously. After that I've plateaud. K is now 8mos and I've finally lost a little more - I think that's down to her being SO Active and having to keep up with her all day though. I've cut an afternoon feed, she's cut a night feed, I'm not indulging in chocolate and am trying to be healthier, (I'm no longer saying "I'm bfeeding so I can have that chocolate cake/extra portion" so maybe that's having a little effect too.
    I was a Uk size 8, weighed 8st pre ivf. Now I'm a Uk size 12, and I refuse to stand on scales! This summer it's tricky to find stuff to wear, I just don't know what will suit me anymore, and find clothes shopping depressing. I also Don't want to quit b'feeding yet. (and I do enjoy having a bust for the first time!) My sister has told me it's still early days, and confirmed she was the same, she returned to work when my niece was 6mos and stopped b'feeding at 7mos, and got her shape back, but its taken her another 2yrs to get back to pre-pg size - but she hasn't gone all out at anypoint with diets/exercise.

    On the positive side, Feb is a long way away still, eat healthily, but normally, as Carly starts cutting back feeds and gets mobile you'll probably start shedding it slowly too. In the meantime, see if you can get someone to sit her for an afternoon so you can go find some clothes that make you feel comfier about your new (temporary) body. And enjoy those special cuddles and moments whilst feeding, I'm sure we'll both look back and remember those, but forget the size issues. When we've both quit b'feeding we'll have to be diet-buddies!
  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 07-03-06 | 12:11 PM
  • I've been told that you hold on to 10 lbs while breast feeding
    I also heard that after about month 8 the weight really does fall off....hopefully for all of us! Do you have weight watchers close by??? I know they let you join while breast feeding....
  • Celia_M 07-03-06 | 12:38 PM
  • Ooh do they? I hope that month 8 thing is true. Guess I'll be letting you know how true that is soon enough..
    10lbs would be about right for me, but I refuse to
  • Missy M 07-03-06 | 01:20 PM
  • Hi fat in AK and UK.....I am fat in ME. I did so well in the beginning getting some of the weight off, but now I have stopped losing (and actually probably started gaining a little back). I am depressed about it, but can't seem to get it together to lose. I am not b. feeding and have no excuse. I do know that I eat alot of junk because I am so busy with these guys that I just grab whatever is convenient. My sister keeps saying not to worry that it will come off, but she has never had weight issues and her baby weight really did melt off. Most days I am o.k. with it (for now) because I am just so happy to be a mom