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I Delivered My Friends Baby Today!!!!

I Delivered My Friends Baby Today!!!!

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  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 12-29-05 | 11:16 PM
  • AHHHHH!! I was freaking out but it had to be done! My good friend and neighbor was planning on a homebirth 4th baby with a midwife! She was 12-13 days overdue and going crazy-- so we tried Castor oil -- she didnt keep it down but it worked anyway. She started feeling hard contractions 2 min apart lasting 60-75 sec about 2am I rushed next door and they called the midwife she was sorta close so she came by. She was NOT NICE! She came in and checked her and walked out and told us , "She is 2 cm, she is not in labor, you all need to take some Benadryl and go to bed. My friends dh replied-- she is hurting really bad there is no way she can sleep thru these, She replied " Have her take a warm bath and they will go away, I am going home-- bye!" and off she went! We didnt tell her I am a Registered Nurse, but I DONT work labor and delivery-- I work Critical Care mostly! So of coarse the cx got stronger and closer and about 2.5 hours later she asked if I would check her-- she was really struggling and discouraged she was progressing I was giving her all kinds of pep talks--telling her the midwife was crazy she was in labor and every cx was helping!!! I attempted to check her (something I havent done except once in nursing school 10 years ago) I thought she felt about 6 or so but I really couldnt tell, I was also scared to tell her and the midwife come back and give her a lower number and crush her spirit! I told I wasnt really sure but I think about 5 or so! She cried only half way-- I reminded her I went from 5 to nursing in 4.5 min with my last baby! She got up to the bathroom and had 3 strong cx right in a row! We got her back to bed and I told him-- we should call the midwife. We were sure b/c she blew us off before, we werent sure she would come! He called anyway, she said OK I'm on my way! I few min later she said I feel like I have to push when I have a cx! I said try not to push if you dont have too, but do it gently if you have too! (I dont know I never delivered a baby before!!! Her dh said-- we dont have anything here for the baby I grabbed some towels and he said do you have anything to suction the baby with! Believe it or not I grabbed a bulb suction as I was walking out my door right before I left-- I guess God must have put that thought it my head! I ran to my purse and ran back in just then I saw the head pop out followed very quickly by the body-- Her DH and I grabbed her and guided her out-- the cord was around her neck so I quickly unraveled her and suctioned her out really well. I was shaky all over!!!!! I have done thousands of cardiac arrests and I dont get worked up at all and this tiny baby had my whole body trembling!!!!! When she cried (right away) We all cheered and then her mom asked "Boy or Girl??" I held her up and her dad said-- Its a girl!! I layed her on her moms belly and told her dh call the midwife back and ask her what I should do with this cord-- we dont have anything to tie it with. We called her and she just left her house about an hour away (we had called her over 30 min prior) I was not happy she really didnt think it was really labor!!!! She told me what to do with the placenta and cord and stuff. She finally shows up an hour later and says "Oh my when did your labor change??" my friend said it didnt it was the same all night. Her dh said I guess you know I want a discount! She said "I come when I am called!" She cont to be rude and never apologized for not believing her! Then they hand the baby off to me and her dh went to make a phone call in the other room and my friend wanted to clean up. SHe gets her to the bathroom and she passes stone cold out-- floppy like a fish-- on the stool! The midwife asks for me to help her I walk in there and she is out-- and the midwife wants me to put her on the floor!!! I couldnt lift her so I yelled for her dh it took a few yells but he came in and put her on the floor. THe midwife wanted to get her to bed I am like just leave her alone her bp is clearly very low! SHe was sheet white and still not waking up. After another 30-45 sec she wakes up still groggy!! The midwife was like this is normal I do 200 of these a year! I looked at her and and I was ready to strangle her. NORMAL-- ah no way-- yes women pass out after childbirth but it is not NORMAL and it is also not treated the way the midwife was treating it! We finally got her back to bed and mom and baby girl are going great now!!! The midwife spent a whole 45 min there and was gone! Needless to say they will not be using this midwife ever again!! You really would not be too shocked if this behavior came from a dr but midwife are known for talking there time and great care-- this lady was awful. Her whole attitude was horrible-- but I GOT TO DELIVER A BABY!!! I am so excited for this experience and my friends were thrilled that I was there!
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 12-31-05 | 04:44 AM
  • That is so cool that you got to deliver your friends baby!!!! As for that b---- of a midwife i say they need to complain to whatever agency regulates midwives, that was unprofessional and uncool.
  • Jenivere Jenivere's Avatar 01-03-06 | 01:56 AM
  • Wow, that is really neat! And I have to agree, her midwife sucked. Makes me greatful to have found such a kind and caring midwife myself.
  • jbelle jbelle's Avatar 03-06-06 | 05:36 PM
  • What a story! That is going to be with you for the rest of your life! And, you'll have a great story to tell that beautiful baby girl when she gets older! I'm sure she won't get tired of it!

    I'm so glad my midwife isn't like that. I'd be very disappointed if she was.
  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 05-31-06 | 11:19 PM
  • I think that is really neat. I bet you were amazed at the whole experience.

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