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I'm considered High Risk.......

I'm considered High Risk.......

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  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 05-07-06 | 11:28 AM
  • Lucky me, I'm considered high risk with baby girl #3 because it took so long to get into see my Dr. I found out that I was prego the end of Jan. and just got to see my Dr. on the 4th. It took so long because I had to get on medicaid becuase my insurance at my job wouldn't cover the pregnancy becaues I was already prego when I got the job, and there aren't very many Dr.'s around here that are taking new medicaid patients....lovely huh? I was able to do a ultra-sound and found out that Savannah is doing very well, and she even measures correctly with my due date....So I guess we are good to go!!!!
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 05-07-06 | 12:21 PM


    that's great that everything is going well. that sucks that you had to wait so long to see a doctor though. hope everything goes great with the rest of the pg!
  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 05-07-06 | 12:44 PM
  • Thanks, before I was able to get into the Dr.'s Office I was really stessing out on the well-being of my baby, except when she moved and kicked my bladder. That's when I knew that she was still there being my soccer
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 05-07-06 | 12:58 PM
  • don't you just love those reassuring kicks?