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Updates please

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  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 12-12-06 | 11:43 AM
  • Let's get some updates on these babies!! how are they doing are they cutting teeth? crawling? also need some update pics, maybe some Christmas ones????

    Well Brianna is cutting her 2nd tooth right now!! the first one popped up when she was out of town in MA w/ DH last weekend and I missed it, but she cut the 2nd one Saturday! I tell you I am not ready for her to have teeth!! I love her toothless! she is trying to crawl, but no luck yet, she can sit really well by herself. I just love her to death!!!
    She was 16lbs and 3.5 oz and 27 1/2 inches long at her last Drs. appt about 3 weeks ago, she is growing fast! Well here is a picture dh took of her in MA. I love this one and a Christmas one.


  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 12-13-06 | 12:58 PM
  • Wow is she beautiful!! what big eyes, oh so pretty. where in mass was he? i live 20 minutes north of boston.
    Ava is great! She had a bad easr infection that would not clear up for 3 weeks, but after getting a shot of an antibiotuc she seems better now. Now she is cutting het forst tooth. But she has a great personality, has been a great sleeper, except for the nights of ear infection, and is so much fun to be around. This motherhood thing is the best huh? They learn something new everyday at this point, its awesome. She started to wave hi yesterday, its so cute. She somewhat sits up by herself, but not enough to leave her alone sitting, still need the boppy for protection! She loves her fruit and veggies, and by being 17 pounds already it shows!!! We havbe had 3 xmas parties sp far and she loves her santa, she stares at him in delight.

    Whats going on with everyone else's little bundle of joys?
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 12-13-06 | 03:07 PM
  • Hey Diane, Thanks!!! Yeah she has her Daddy's eyes for sure! I have brown! yeah the grow too fast!! Ava is cutting teeth too!! wow! Glad to hear that she is a good sleeper and all. Brianna is too except with the teething but not that the other one is out! she is sleeping better, she likes sleeping on her tummy now which scares Mommy to death! but as long as her face is not straight down like today at 1:00 am, I am good. Except now her diaper does not like her sleeping on her tummy as she was soak n' wet w/ peepee this morning, still happy as could be, so I had to change everything this morning and that is not too easy w/ a crib and all. His parents live in Chicopee outside of Springfield, so I would guess you are quite far from them. I have a cousin who lives in Boston! I guess you are a huge Sox fan? we are for sure. Please keep me posted on her, she is lovely. Time flies. Brianna sees Santa for the first time on Friday at her Daycare and I will miss it but they will take pictures for me, glad Ava loves Santa!!
  • Celia_M 12-13-06 | 05:28 PM
  • Oh wow, they are both SO Cute!!!

    Sounds like they're both thriving too! I'm sure they're both going to have wonderful first Christmasses

    Katie is also cutting her first teeth (somewhat behind there
    ) She now has three, two top and one bottom. No sign of anymore coming in just yet. She gets restless at night when they're hurting her
    She weighed in at 16lbs 6oz on her first b'day, no clue what she is now. She's always been 0.5 - 2nd centile all over tho', she's my little dot


    We're now Running, pointing, waving, clapping, saying our first words - that, there, that-there, duck, digger (!! - They're building houses below us lol) and a few others, and making our first signs - more, milkfeed/drink, hat, shoes, nappy, clean etc. So she's quite the little communicator!
    She's just getting more and more fun as each day passes
    . She loves her dolls, books, and going to the local playgyms.
    Our clinic has a childrens party each year, we're going this Sunday to it, Santa will be there and I'm looking forward to her reaction - she's a bit wary of men tho', gave her poor grandpa quite the "look" this afternoon - but as dh is the only male she sees regularly and she's now well aware of who she knows and doesn't, again hardly a surprise. I got two lovely photo of her yesterday, she brought my boots to me, wanting to wear them, had her hat on too (I knitted it
    ) I think she was hinting she was as bored of me doing the housework as I was
    Her hair is totally mad (and surprisingly blonde considering dh and I are both dark) at the moment. Oh and my boots aren't in a good state, but as it's constant torrential rain here atm and the building works below us mean there's lots of mud, I rarely get to wear anything more exciting looking nowadays
    you can see her top teeth really clearly in the last pic. And Yes it's a rocking Penguin (not horse, in-laws bought it for her, they thought it was funny) in the background
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  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 12-14-06 | 12:56 AM
  • Oh ur babies r so beautiful, I am TDY andhaven't seen my babies since 6 Nov, I will get home next Thursday and be the crazy lady trying to get a ruch on XMAS pics, I hopefully will have some 2post, and some updates, I amso jealous, I want to update also.

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