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Whats going on with me?

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  • BabyScent BabyScent's Avatar 09-06-04 | 11:41 PM
  • Hello. I have an embarrassing question to ask you all. I have looked and looked online to try and find some reason for it with no luck.
    So I thought I would give you all a try

    This may be TMI....
    I feel pretty swollen in the vagina region. To the point that I constantly feel like I am in a half aroused state. Its just very sensitive. And I feel more swollen there than I normally do.
    I have never had this occur during the weeks leading to a AF. But there is a first for everything right? I have had this happen when I was pregnant with DS but I thought that this didnt occur until I was a few weeks pregnant. AF is due this week.
    My question is...Has anyone ever experience this? Is it a PMS or pre-AF sign or a pregnancy sign or what can it be? It doesnt hurt, it feels good
    but its odd and weird and at times annoying.

    Ok, now that I embarrassed myself by asking this (and admitting to it) if anyone knows what this can be please fill me in!
  • Leeann Leeann's Avatar 09-07-04 | 12:20 AM
  • hmmm i have no clue
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 09-07-04 | 11:11 AM
  • Hmmm......I don't really know either.
    Are you charting your cycle? That might help clue me in. I know it's not uncommon in pg to feel "bulgy" in certain places, but I don't know without seeing your chart.

    I hope this is the sign for you!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-12-04 | 09:23 PM
  • I have no idea about this one!!! But, if you think it might be fun, I'd definitely use the situation to my advantage.
    If you're thinking it might not be a good idea, well....

    I hope this resolves itself for you!!!
    Good Luck