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When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

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  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-30-04 | 02:22 PM
  • At what point in pregnancy did you need to start wearing your maternity clothes?
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 12-30-04 | 02:44 PM
  • I think it must have been about 8-10 weeks when I started wearing maternity pants and underwear. I got away with wearing my dh's shirts for the whole pregnancy, but I did have a few maternity shirts. I had one flowered dress that I really liked.
  • emily-anne'smommy emily-anne'smommy's Avatar 12-30-04 | 03:13 PM
  • i couldnt fit into normal pants at 7 weeks but i stayed outta the mat clothes till about 10 weeks lol.
  • TeresaRenee TeresaRenee's Avatar 12-30-04 | 05:19 PM
  • Well, I think it was about 12 weeks when I started back into maternity clothes. It seems like with every pregnancy I start wearing them sooner and sooner. I am only 5 weeks now, so probably will be in them in about a month or so. I don't mind though, since there are so many cute maternity clothes out there these days.

  • Linda Linda's Avatar 12-31-04 | 02:31 AM
  • I hate mat clothes...I usually just got BIGGER clothes and gave them to my mom or someone after!
    I did buy some mat clothes w/all the kids...just for going out and looking nice and not just big
    that was probably aroun 13 weeks or so.