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Thought I'd mention... Print Version

ChandyRae 08-15-05 03:33 PM

Thought I'd mention...
...that I'm planned for induction on Thursday morning. This baby is large and apparently doesn't want to come out on his own, so we're going to smoke him out!! :lol: I'll go into the hospital Wednesday night and they'll start the Pitocin early Thursday morning, so we should have a baby Thursday afternoon or evening. I'm excited but nervous!! Wish me luck! :flower2:

donann 08-15-05 03:52 PM

Good Luck Chandra!!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pics of that little one!!

I have to giggle every time I hear about someone being induced, sorry. I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for Kaden to come and my at my dr appt on Aug 30 last year he decided to schedule me for induction the next day as he was going out of town the next week and really wanted to be the one to deliver (was 39 wks 3 days at that time). Well hearing the word "induction" must have done somethin cuz bub was born that evening....LOL.....Dr says it must have scared him out....hahaha