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blue veins on that a pregnancy symptoms Print Version

jullie498 04-22-06 09:11 AM

blue veins on that a pregnancy symptoms
i don't expect my period until april 26 and a couple of days ago i noticed blue veins all around my breast and chest.i never had that before.could that be a symptom or is it too urly?

mmarino83 04-22-06 09:54 AM

i dont think that is a symptom

rudolphia 04-23-06 05:48 AM

That would be pretty early to see the veins become more prominent. Usually, you'll notice your breasts are more tender first, then at six weeks or so, the veins start becoming more visible. This is a pregnancy symptom, but it might be a little too soon to see this.

susie 04-25-06 01:14 PM

It is a sympton, but not sure you would see this so soon. Let us know the results when you test!

trish015 08-22-08 05:02 AM

Hey there. I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I first noticed my nipples being so sensitive it would pretty much hurt to put my fingers on them. Today I did notice extreamly noticable blue veins EVERYWHERE on my chest. It was on my breats and the veins would lead right to the nipple from the flat part of my chest by my neck. My nipple soreness went away now My whole boob hurts to grab. So if you have any of this you probably are, remember though what you imagine, will happen to your body. Mind plays tricks on you.