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mommy-to-be #3 07-27-08 08:40 PM

need help about c-sec
well where do i start i am 23 goin on 24 i have 2 kids an one on the way i have a 4 year old son an i 2 year old lil gurl that will be 3 on sept 26. my due date is nov 4th but i am have a c-sec at the end of oct ........
but i need help from mommys that had c-sec i mean this is my 3rd c-sec but with mu son i went all the way under an with my lil gurl they give me a spinal an when they did it i had pain that went all the way down my left side an when lay down i cant feel my left side an i just want to no if any body else had that prob? cuz i am a lil scared to get it in my back again so plz if there is any mom out there that have had a c-sec plz give me sum help with this thank u steph

ChandyRae 08-14-08 11:43 PM

Well, you could always skip the scheduled section and have a VBAC, avoiding the spinal altogether... or you could ask for an epidural instead of a spinal. The needle isn't inserted as far in with an epidural, however, it takes longer to take effect. But it sounds like they hit a nerve with your previous spinal, something that is a (pardon the pun) hit or miss kind of thing - it might happen again, it might not.

MrsS1stbaby 09-06-08 11:16 AM

Sorry, my c-section went great and I didn't have any pain. Have you talked to the doctor about this?

jenny95662 08-21-09 12:41 AM

i would say talk tto the doc about your concerns. I had a c section it went perfect and I enjoyed it lol SOrry no advice

Fatimah Ummebaneen 01-16-10 05:39 AM

i was in general anesthesia for my two cs this time i will try to ask for epidural. U can also opt for general anesthesia if u havent done any yet as for me i've done 6 so i dont want all my hair to turn white before its time