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Pregnant mayber? D: Print Version

ERI88 11-28-10 12:15 AM

Pregnant maybe? D:
Me and my Fiance had unprotected sex about 10 days ago, despite everyone telling me that it's too early for a home pregnancy test I took one yesterday anyway. It was negative, however I've been having nausea and reeeally annoying gas for about 3 days. The nausea is Non-stop and I'm experiencing some cramping. Advice anyone?

rudolphia 11-28-10 02:11 AM

:welcome: to TBC

Your symptoms could be caused by anything, honestly, and the power of suggestion is great. If you're worried about pregnancy, it's very easy to interpret anything out of the ordinary as a sign of pregnancy. In my experience (3 pregnancies), symptoms don't appear until at least a few days after your period is overdue. If you've never been pregnant before, the earliest, most common and obvious sign of pregnancy is sore breasts.

You don't say if your period is late. Typically, an early pregnancy test will give you a positive result around the time your period is due (First Response gave me a faint positive even a day or two before the day I expected my period).

Essentially, the best you can do is to wait a few days to see if you get your period and to test again if it hasn't arrived.

Good luck getting the outcome you're looking for!