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Baby not seen on ultrasound Print Version

Swan77 08-12-17 03:58 PM

Baby not seen on ultrasound
I had an ultrasound yesterday and the Dr saw the yolk sac and ges sac but could not find the baby. She basically told us to prepare for he worst but would check me again in a week. She drew my blood and my hcg levels were 47,109 which she said was good. I think I am 6w 4days. I had a chemical last month so ovulation this cycle was later. I beleive I ovulate in day 19 I had a positive opk and ovulation cramps. Had anyone had an ultrasound done around the same time and not seen the baby and then saw it a week later?

g4408380 09-09-17 01:58 PM

Hi dear. I had an ultrasound on Oct. 30th at which time I thought I was 8 weeks along. They could not see the baby. The scheduled me for another ultrasound a week later. They drew blood and by my hormone count, the Dr. said that they should be able to see the baby. The Dr. told me that I had had a miscarriage but it was okay for me to go in for the next ultrasound. I was devastated. The Dr. sounded sure that it was a miscarriage, but I had not had any bleeding. I went in for my second ultrasound today and they found the baby and a strong heartbeat! My husband and I are thrilled. It seems that we were just off on the dates. My periods had been very irregular before we became pregnant. So if you also do not trust the doctor I will suggest you go to Ukraine as they have the best technology regarding pregnancy. I also went there and it helped me a lot.