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Am I gaining too much weight?

Am I gaining too much weight?

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  • Arta 03-11-13 | 08:14 AM
  • Hi all.
    Got on my scales today to discover I have gained 9lbs!!! I've started off with healthy weight and to my horror I'm trying to imagine how on earth I'm going to look after this pregnancy I'm 18 weeks today.
    With my son I didn't even gain any weight till 5 months, and 3 days after his birth I was thin as a matchstick.
    How much weight did u put on ladies, and do u think I have gained too much?
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 03-12-13 | 01:11 PM
  • You can put about 20 lbs on safely if you started out in your ideal parameters. You should gain a little less overall if you were overweight and a little more if you were underweight.

    At 18 weeks 9lbs sounds pretty good. If your doctor seems ok with it then I wouldn't obsess over your weight gain.
  • Arta 03-12-13 | 04:41 PM
  • Well, pre-pregnancy weight was slightly underweight, so i assume that's normal then.
    Thank you for putting my mind at ease.
  • Niita2606 03-14-13 | 04:12 AM
  • I woke up today and realised i gained 5 more kgs to my already gained 10. I wont bother with it anymore got 5 more months left.
  • Arta 03-14-13 | 06:53 AM
  • My friend who has always been on the skinny side have gained 4 stone during her whole pregnancy. Her baby is about 4 months now, and she's back to her old shape. Let's hope ladies we will all lose it too at the end. Well, there's always a hope