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i'm not gaining weight

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  • rashida 11-24-14 | 10:50 AM
  • hello all,
    i'm 19th week pregnent and not gaining weight
  • Ayen 01-25-15 | 08:39 AM
  • Hi, I think it's okay if you are not gaining weight as long as you are eating the right food with proper nutrition and taking your supplements. If you are not gaining weight does not mean there is something wrong, actually you are very lucky. And always remember that every pregnancy is different and also tell it to your doctor so you will feel comfortable. Let me also share here with you a site you can use to calculate your due date and predict the gender of your baby, good luck. [url][/url]
  • mommy2two234 02-06-15 | 11:33 AM
  • I haven't gained any weight at all with this pregnancy. I was heavy before I became pregnant. It is completely okay! I also a recommendation for a program that might help set your mind at east. It is called Pregnancy Without Pounds. It has a bunch of recipes and talks extensively about nutrition (like, what you should be eating instead of focusing on just what NOT to eat like most books and articles). There are even pregnancy-safe exercise routines to choose from if you are interested. The link is if you want to take a look! Good luck to you! Always talk to your doctor if you are worried about anything!
  • Alina Silviu 01-18-16 | 08:03 AM
  • It's okay if you are not gaining weight. Just keep taking the right food.
  • annaaguirre 04-21-16 | 07:31 AM
  • Go for more healthy food.