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Weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy

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  • Mermaid 03-02-18 | 12:14 AM
  • This is my first pregnancy. I started off at 134 and I’m 22 weeks now and I weigh 156. My doctor told me I should only gain ten more pounds by the end of my pregnancy and suggested I get a calorie counter and watch my carbs. Leaving the doctor today she made me feel like I was doing something wrong and that I’m not being healthy. I have a pretty active lifestyle and am walking constantly. I don’t engorge myself with food and I eat pretty healthy. Basically the only thing I want right now are vegetables and chicken. I cried the entire way home, I know being pregnant makes you a little emotional but I took it kind of hard. I don’t feel unhealthy and I just started having to wear pregnant pants, I’m still the same size and everything. My boobs are ginormous that’s about it. I want to have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. Should I watch my weight and only try to gain ten pounds? I didn’t think i would have to think about this while pregnant, I’ve never had a weight problem. I don’t even have an appetite now because of what she said. I just want him to be healthy and I don’t want to have to stress about this.
  • DelanieVix 03-23-18 | 02:18 AM
  • First off, I congratulate you on your first pregnanncy.I know first time is always hard because everything is quite new. About the weight, it depends on your height. Doctors say to gain only 11-16 KG until labor, so if your over you ideal weight then honey, you must work on to manage the weight. I suggest you to go to a nutritionist, who would advise you to a healthy dies plan according to your BMI. There is nothing to be ashamed of; the weight gain is obvious during pregnancy. Also during this time, you are eating for two. I mean the hunger is doubled. However, it is also advised that the you must not gain too much weight in order to avoid complications at the end of the pregnancy. Moreover, the weight gain will make you lethargic. The more you are active during this time, the more are the chances of a stable labor. Therefore, yeah, you have to work on to lose some weight. Eat protein, and go for organic food. Avoid packaged and deli food. Moreover, you must avoid the uncooked food or under cooked meat. You can take good fats from nuts and seeds. Avoid sugar as much as you can, because it contributes to weight gain.
    I know how you feel being overweight as the doctor said. However, trust me; it is not good at all (a friendly advice). Just eat healthy, avoid fat and sugar. It will be favorable to see a nutritionist for better advice and plan. Do not stress its toxic for you and the baby. Much love!