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Working out during pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy

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  • Carmie 07-29-14 | 05:07 AM
  • Hi Karla, it is okay for 10lbs but you always have to watch what you are eating so you won't gain so much weight. When I was pregnant with my daughter I gained 30lbs during pregnancy but I started losing weight when I had my baby and I watched what I am eating. You can always eat what you want but in moderation and add a long walk with your everyday routine. I also wanted to share with you a site that could help you calculate your baby's due date. [url][/url]
  • Daniela Traviss 01-05-15 | 08:10 PM
  • I have only done my regular walking routine until I reached my 30th week. After that, I find it hard to even stand up for a long period of time.
  • mommy2two234 02-06-15 | 11:41 AM
  • It gets easier later in the second trimester! I promise! I even really enjoy exercising in my third trimester, even though I feel out of breath pretty easily since I don't have any space to breath deeply anymore! Ha! There is a program called Pregnancy Without Pounds that has some great exercise routines to choose from based on how active you were before pregnancy. I like to alternate the options to give me a lighter exercise on the days I'm too busy or too tired and a little more intensity when I'm up for it. It has a lot of other information too, like nutrition, recipes, and info about proper weight gain. The link is if you are interested! Best of wishes to you!
  • dazzyshahu 09-21-17 | 03:00 AM
  • Well done brave sister. I am feeling happy to see that you are aware about your health. The pregnancy is very crucial stage to follow appropriate safe and secure method to avoid all type of pregnancy related problem at early stage. I am one of the lucky woman who got this unforgettable moment in my life to share my personal success story with you that boost your confidence and guide you every step to get healthy and safe work out during pregnancy. You should be very informative to understand your body signal very well that help you to understand all issue in easy way.
    You should give importance to light workout and balanced diet that is necessary to provide proper nutrition to all body for smooth working reproduction system. You can start your planning with easy and effective exercise and can extended difficulty level to enjoy maximum benefit in short time period. This is maximum use of advance digital world to share your personal problem at this open online. You should start easy morning walk and running according to your capacity that is sufficient to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system that is beneficial for you and your baby in many way. You should understand the importance of less pressure during breakout for avoiding miscarriage problem in easy way. You should consume rich iron food with folic acid that helps you to enhance your immunity and hemoglobin level in your blood for easy pregnancy. You can easily overcome stress and depression with effective workout during pregnancy. I hope my valuable suggestion guide you right path to achieve your target to enjoy a healthy baby gift in your life that fulfill your whole life with happiness.