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I can't gain weight!! Print Version

mylittlemiracle92012 03-27-12 02:08 PM

I can't gain weight!!
I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first child and I haven't gained any weight! I've always had a very high metabolism and it doesn't matter what I eat I can't gain any weight. Anyone have advice or tips to help me gain weight?:stroller:

Elizabeth 03-27-12 02:23 PM

Hi! and welcome to Baby Corner!

You have most likely gained a little weight due to blood increase, and fluids, but maybe you yourself has lost weight? Have you noticed yourself smaller in areas other than your belly? How has the morning sickness been?

2babygirls 03-27-12 02:26 PM

If you are eating healthy don't worry about not gaining weight. The baby will take what it needs from your body so as long as you are not seriously underweight you will both be fine.

mylittlemiracle92012 03-27-12 03:47 PM

Well I had morning sickness up until I think when I was 9 weeks along, but haven''t had it since. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 93lbs and I've noticed that I have lost a little bit of weight. I weighed myself today and I'm about 92lbs. and I'm not a very big person, I've always been very skinny and I'm only 5' 1/2" tall.

mylittlemiracle92012 03-27-12 03:51 PM

And no I haven't noticed any shrinkage on my body anywhere. My belly is actually growing pretty good.