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Kamia Lee 05-15-12 10:31 AM

week 27, how much weight have you gained? and if past week 27 where are you now?
I'm 28 yrs pregnant with my first, I started at 130 lbs. At 27 weeks I'm at 148 lbs. Does this sound about right? I've read a lot where I should have only gained 16 lbs... so we are talking a couple lbs off. I'm wondering where my weight gain will be at full term.

MrsS1stbaby 05-15-12 02:43 PM

There really is no way to tell. If you eat healthy and moderaly exercise, you will gain as much as your baby & body needs. There is no majic number for any one person. Your doctor also will have recommendations based on your pre-pregnancy weight, body type, etc if you should aim for more then typical weight-gain or less. And other factors come into play based how much you are stuffing your face, your activity, if you have any of pregnancy related issues like gestational diabetes. I know a lot women start off slow, but in that 3rd trimester is when the weight starts really showing up. Your doctor will let you know if they think something is not healthy.

Good luck and congratulations!

jayceesmommie 09-20-12 09:54 PM

28yrs pregnant wow

Sarah.Furey 10-10-12 04:54 AM

27 weeks.
I'm 27 weeks also. I have gained 12lbs so far. I think everyone is different. It also matters how tall you are and your weight/BMI before.

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