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Thinner after pregnancy- a la Victoria Beckham Print Version

SoccerPlayerMom 07-26-12 08:33 PM

Thinner after pregnancy- a la Victoria Beckham
Today at work, we were talking about women who got considerably thinner after they have their baby (ies). The public figure I can think of is Victoria Beckham, who was at a normal, healthy weight before, and after she became a mom, she shrunk to an impossibly small size. Apparently everyone other than myself knows someone like that in real life too. Have any of you experienced this? Is this a result of running after young children or are these women going at great lenghts to keep that kind of figure?

MollysMommy 07-31-12 06:19 PM

Money does wonders! hahaha

SoccerPlayerMom 07-31-12 07:28 PM

Sounds right to me:)

limesl1 11-21-12 12:25 PM

Money does a lot... but so does having a nanny, personal trainer, and semi-free schedule. I am sure she works her butt off as do others. I wish I had a personal trainer. She probably has a personal chef too. I could use one of those. I am setting a running goal after my baby arrives but I still don't think I can manage to look anything like a Victoria Beckham haha-