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louiseford 11-07-12 04:27 AM

Am 14weeks and gained 4pounds,dont understand why I eat really heallty and excercise everyday,any1 else the same x

MollysMommy 11-07-12 09:33 AM

Healthy weight gain is 1-5 pounds during your first trimester. Although every woman's body is different and will carry a baby different.
Average weight gain is 25-35 lbs during pregnancy (for womans weight average pre-pregnancy)
Although, that's according to studies.
I was average weight post pregnancy and i gained a crap ton of weight, also had a medical condition & sometimes had the wrong mind set mentality of "eating for two"
Hope that helps a bit, also talk to your dr if you are concerned with your weight gain throughout pregnancy.
Congrats & good luck!

louiseford 11-07-12 10:05 AM

oh thanks,this is my second pregnancy my son is 14yrs,I gained 3stone while expecting him,am trying so hard and exercising tbh think its baby and fluid,thanku for ur help tho x

MollysMommy 11-07-12 10:08 AM

It's also typical to gain more weight with your second pregnancy.

louiseford 11-07-12 10:37 AM

Fab:( lol,oh well aslong as baby healthly had problems with eating dis for yrs,so this is hard,as am eating rite and being healthly must just be baby x