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First time mom-- advice please! Print Version

limesl1 11-21-12 12:03 PM

First time mom-- advice please!
This is my first child and I am very nervous having never been responsible for a newborn baby. I have never changed a diaper, bottle fed a baby etc. For those of you on child number two or more, how did you prepare? We are taking a newborn basics class at the hospital next weekend and I have been reading a little. What did you do to prepare and what do you wish you would have done differently? Thanks for any recommendations.

MrsS1stbaby 11-21-12 03:29 PM

Well, first, take a deep breath! You will be amazed with how naturally these things will come to you. But, yes, we took a birthing class together and in it we also talked about what happens AFTER and how to care for the baby when are you are home by yourselves. We also took a breastfeeding class. The peditrician's office we chose also holds a "new parents" class once a month. It was about 2 hours of a doctor talking to us about babies and how to care for them, when they need a doctor, their shot schedules, stuff like that.

If I could do anything differently it would be to really put myself out there and tell people "yes, I need help- I haven't showered in days, I can't carry the laundry basket to the garage, and could also use a nap so get off your a$$ and come over here instead of wondering how you can help!" LOL- people will always tell you that they will help and are there for you, but unless you are specific and kinda bossy, you end up with lots of offers but no actual help. With my 2nd I was much more specifc and it really helped and I got more sleep!