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Am I gaining too much weight? Print Version

girldrbrasil 03-18-13 12:12 PM

If it makes you feel better I am now 19 weeks and have gained 20lb! I didn't have any morning sickness and was really hungry the first trimester. I feel big but there is not much I can do about it.... it's not like I am eating more than normal and I don't have any cravings. We will loose this weight later. Just glad the summer is here and I don't have to wear pants!!! :-)

Arta 03-18-13 06:52 PM

Glad there is summer where you are. Sadly still winter here :(

ns99fan 04-19-13 09:06 PM

18 wks and have put on 5 lbs nervous about it cause gained 60 with my first kid

octoberbaby21 06-20-13 01:44 PM

I'm 5"3,22 weeks and I weight a 120. My pre pregnacy weight was 105. I got stretch marks and cellulite on my thighs : (

ansimm87 10-25-14 11:22 AM

I was 145 when I got pregnant and was almost 200 at the end! I was 2 weeks late but I ate whatever I wanted too which didn't help! Everyone is different but as long as your doctor says you're healthy, dont stress!