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Gained too much weight while pregnant Print Version

benbenlee 06-12-15 02:35 AM

when I pregnant no gain weight lol .. 33 weeks gave birth

Flynnstone 02-18-16 04:11 AM

Hey! I gained 114 lbs while pregnant. I jump started my diet a few weeks after giving birth by not eating carbs! I also did crossfit. Once I lost about 60 lbs I started to reintroduce the more complex carbs! Now, I'm still losing weight/ toning up and I still have about 30 more lbs to lose. We're heading to Florida in May so I'm going to cut carbs again to see if that'll help my plateau! I have lots of yummy carb free recipes if you're interested though!

annaaguirre 06-22-16 01:23 AM

It is very often to gain weight after we have a baby. So firstly I would suggest you not to worry and exercise regularly. Eat healthy and food that gives you protein and fiber. After my friend had a baby she started gaining weight rapidly, but then her cousin suggested her a seed of India weight loss which is a natural dietary supplement that helps to lose weight easily without any side effects and helps to boost up metabolism.

Nmomoftwo 06-27-16 04:13 PM

With my baby, I gained 35 pounds extra with the total weight of 173lbs. I started drinking an organic tea called mummy magic weight loss tea after two months pp and shed all extra pounds just in a couple of months without losing my supply.

Woms1964 07-19-16 12:01 AM

Even I have gained weight after my first trimester.