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srikanthi 11-13-15 12:14 AM

Weight not gaining
im divya
im 22week of pregnant right now..actually my belly is not also not gaining weight..
As per report values my baby weight is 320gm in 20weeks 5days is it ok for right now or less weight it have.....
BIPARIETAL Diameter- 47mm
Head Circumference- 176mm
Abdominal circumferance- 151mm
Femur length- 34mm
Humerus length- 33mm
Average gestational age- 20 wks,5days
Estimated fetal weight- 320gms
plz give me reply for this question.....i have little bit tension about this.......

CatherineFerreira 07-23-16 02:10 AM

Ask your doctor to give you supplements or health tonics for gaining weight. Also try to have a healthy and rich diet. This will help you.

HazelY 10-19-16 02:29 AM

I am not gaining weight either. Glad to find a company

DarlaSmallwood 04-22-17 06:16 AM

Hi dear. I know you might have done with your pregnancy.
How are you doing??

RosarioCopley 08-12-17 01:51 AM

Hi. I wish that you might have done with your preg. How are you now and how is your weight?