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ambrose 01-31-18 04:08 PM

need help!
hey people I am here on this forum to ask you some question. I was expecting and have a successful delivery. After that my weight is too much and I don’t know how to lose my weight. My mother did everything to less my weight. For example, doctors recommend me to drink boiled water. I did same as it is but not proves helpful. Moreover, my belly Is like something is hanging. I want a fit physique and want to keep myself stylish as I was before my pregnancy. My husband also wants. Help me!!!

sara098 02-08-18 01:19 AM

Hello there!!!I had a C- section.after it losing weight is the difficult task but I do concentrate on my diet.not having too much walking.It's not good for me.I am getting diet which carries fibers in large quantity.Also sometimes I use real butter to flavor my meal.After C-section, I am so worried and scary because of swelling and pain in my stitches.when I totally get rid of the pain and my baby is almost 4 months old I also doing light exercise to lose my weight.because after passing a long time it's difficult to lose your weight easily.I also try to drink water in a large amount (8 to 9 glasses of water a day) it's helped me a lot.The best thing I have learned from my experience is that moderate exercise and drink water between meal.Good Luck you can also lose weight with breastfeeding.So, just keep doing all that it's really helpful.

KarleenWhitley 06-25-18 12:13 AM

Are you still overweight?
I can provide you some simple methods that helps in weight loss. You need to eat healthy and the right food to shed weight. I came to know from an article that detox tea also helps in weight loss. If you want to take the detox tea, then you can check out here to buy it online. Also, do regular workout that will help in weight loss.