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  • onemellogirl onemellogirl's Avatar 10-04-10 | 01:17 AM
  • Are there any websites you refer to for your childs condition? How about you list them here and we can start a reference page of information. It can be an organization or blog, but feel free to share!!! We will make this one a sticky too!
  • onemellogirl onemellogirl's Avatar 10-04-10 | 01:35 AM
  • [SIZE=3]Safety Products for Special Needs Children:[/SIZE]


    *I love this website and have gotten several things for our home, as well as the grandparents houses. I highly recommend the Shoe ID Tag, no matter what age or special need*

    [SIZE=3]Sensory Information & Products:[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=3]Special Needs Children General Information:[/SIZE]

    is a website from that features articles, blogs, tips, video's, topics that include behavior, family issues, allergies, etc for the special needs child/parent. You can also sign up for a weekly e-mail (which I love) from Terri Mauro. Here is this weeks newsletter if you would like to review before signing up:

    provided by Janine


    is a website also from which holds information on the Top Ten Websites for Autism Information (no matter what spectrum you fall under)

    is a website that is from the Autism Research Instiute that supports the slogan DAN (Defeat Autism Now). Through this website you can sign up to attend conferences for parents with Autism, especially if you are interested in learning more about the biomedical aspect of it. The next conference is:
    Spring 2011 Conference
    Atlanta, GA| April 28-May 1
    General Sessions, Science Sessions, Clinician & Nutrition Seminars
    *I am giving serious thought on attending this. My father lives outside of Atlanta, so I could stay with him and drive up for the conference*

    is Jenny McCarthy's Autism Organization - Generation Rescue. Her website is full of information if you are looking to take the biomedical approach to your Autistic Child. Dig deeper to find a parents online community, list of doctors in your area, vaccines, e-mail newsletters, etc.

    is a website that is called TACA Talk About Curing Autism. "Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) provides information, resources, and support to families affected by autism. For families who have just received the autism diagnosis, TACA aims to speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments. TACA helps to strengthen the autism community by connecting families and the professionals who can help them, allowing them to share stories and information to help people with autism be the best they can be." This website is jam packed full of information, click on the tabs in red, and then use the tabs on the left side of the screen for more information. I see they also have a link up for Dr. Robert Sears new book The Autism Book.

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  • Janine Janine's Avatar 10-04-10 | 10:46 AM
  • Here's one I've been going to

Thank you Janine!
onemellogirl (10-04-10)
  • JNyte 09-06-12 | 02:13 AM
  • for the latest news in Autism research, personal stories, events and info about advocacy and family services. (Interactive Autism Network) here you can participate in research surveys about Autism. is a social site geared toward the Autism discussion. about Autism, family support, treatment options, safety awareness.