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mama2skyetj 03-22-06 04:09 PM

new roll call
Ok since half the people on the other roll call aren't posting anymore I thought we would do a new one. Hopefully we can get this board moving:)

heiding 03-22-06 10:41 PM

Hello :wave: I am Heidi, married to Mike, mom to two beautiful boys. Eric 11 and Zachary 3. Zachary was a micro preemie, born at 23 weeks a surviving twin and is the love of my life. A true miracle. He had a brain bleed from being born so early that he development seizures and is developmentally delayed.

mama2skyetj 03-23-06 07:10 AM

:hello: I'm Lori married to Tim Mommy to dd Skye almost 4 and ds TJ 19 months. Skye has been diagnosed with PDD/NOS on the autism specturm. She is delayed with speech and communication and has problems with eating new foods. Skye is just blossoming and progressing so much:)

babyMarksMom 03-24-06 01:35 AM

hello..I'm Brenda, married, 8 surviving children. Jon ( almost 15! ) was born at 32 wks after a difficult pg. he has a minor heart defect, mild cerebral palsy, and is almost completely blind in one eye. he also has physical anomilies..his throat is oddly shaped causing many food adversions and frequent choking and vomiting, his intestine is narrow just below his stomach which causes stomach pain and projectile vomiting, his fingers and toes were webbed almost to the tips ( corrected by surgery ), and toes on both feet that are conjoined ( unable to separate ).
it's been a long road, but he's doing great. so much healthier as he's gotten older. he's very active in scouting.
and Janell, 2 1/2 months, who was born with thrombocytopenia absent raduiis syndrome ( long arm ) and a form of dwarfism. she receives transfusions every 3-4 days. she is fed a prescription formula by g-tube, 24hr pump. she wears splints on her wrists to keep them from twisting. my precious :bgirl:

Mellie 03-24-06 09:28 AM

:wave: I'm Melissa, SAHM to Jacob (age 5) and Abigail (age 2).
Jacob was DXed about a year ago (after 2+ years of looking for answers) with PDD-NOS, we expect at some point this DX to change to Asperger's. He is in a 5 day a week preschool program sponsored by the state/school district, and gets Speech and OT every week. His major areas of delay are social skills and fine motor skills. He has made so much progress in the PPDC classroom this year! :clap: We are going to attempt mainstream kindergarten next fall. :)