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2nd month on clomid & confused!!!

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Old 03-16-08, 09:21 AM
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Question 2nd month on clomid & confused!!!

I really thought the first month on clomid I'd get pregnant. They told me I has really good sized follicles on both sides. i went for 3 ultra-sounds (day 11,13 & 15) and all was well. Nothing....period came
. They kept me on 50mg because I responded really well the first month. WOW...the drug definitly effected me different this month. My moods were up and down, not mean or mad just really depressed and tired and I had the occassional hot flash also. I went for my day 11 ultrasound on friday and they told me I have a 2.5 follicle on my right side (side I am going to ovalulate from) and a 1.5. On the left side I have 2 at 1.5. The tech said she needed to talk to my dr and when she came back she told me the dr said to have sex day 11 thru 17 and that I didn't need to go back for anymore ultra-sounds this month??? I was so shocked that I didn't ask why?? Then she told me to come back on day 21 to get progesterone levels checked. I'm confused as to why no more ultra-sounds??? Also will they increase me to 100mg or 150mg or is that not necessary as the 50mg seems to be making good sized follicles?? Please if anyone can explain this I would be very grateful.
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Old 03-16-08, 11:00 AM
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I know not getting pregnant on clomid the first month is disappointing, but I think it is very normal. The first time we conceived was on the 5th month of clomid, 2 month at 50mg, 2 months at 100mg and got pregnant on the first month of 150mg. The second time we got pregnant, I was on Clomid for 8 months 1 month at 100mg, and the rest at 150mg, but didn't get pregnant until we had the HSG.

I am sure it will happen for you wishing you much luck in your TTC journey!
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Old 03-16-08, 10:46 PM
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I got pregnant using clomid (and some other things too), and neither time did it work the first month.

I'm thinking maybe they didn't order any more ultrasounds because last month you had a good follicle and this month you're right on track to have another one, so they feel the follicles are the right size. They'll check your hormone levels on day 21 because you're sure to have ovualated by then (if everything is going as it should). They'll see if you're producing enough of everything to sustain a pregnancy if it would occur.

it's so hard when you wanted to be pregnant a long time ago and youre still not. Good luck.
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Old 03-17-08, 09:25 AM
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I know I was very upset when I didnt get pregnant with the first cycle of Clomid, so I know how you feel. The whole TTC journey seems to be filled with lots of diappointment for everyone. To me it seems to get harder and harder each month.

Hang in there!! You should call your doctor and ask about the other ultra sounds.
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Old 03-17-08, 04:43 PM
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I am guessing that the reason why they're not scanning you so frequently this month is because they're confident of how you respond to the drugs.

I just wanted to say that it's not for definite that your 25mm follicle will be the only one. 25mm is pretty mature and you might find that one goes any day and that the others catch up. It's always a prediction game with ovulation.

I would really question it if they said they wanted to up your dose, you respond very well to clomid at 50mg and if they upped your dose they'd mostly be increasing your chances of cysts and OHSS.

As long as they're keeping you monitored then you should be fine, your clinic does this all day every day, and so I'm sure they've got your best interests at heart.

As to why last month didn't work, well there are many many factors as to why this could be. What other tests have you and your partner had?
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